SOART, a Paris based art firm, advises its clients on their art collections and art projects, so as to thoroughly understand the needs and artistic choices of each individual. SOART offers advice on purchase of contemporary art for corporate or private collections: on French and international artists for investment in art, including advice on tax benefits and financial solutions (purchase or leasing).

The singularity of SOART is to have its own decision-making tool in terms of investment strategy. Result of more than one year of work, this tool is based in particular on the history of the notoriety of artists and their potential auctions, by integrating the use of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (predictive algorithms of Machine Learning).

SOART is aimed at a private clientele wishing to diversify its heritage in the purchase of artworks and to a clientele including business owner, partner and liberal profession interested in tax and economic solutions aimed at to optimize its investment in art and to facilitate its financing.

SOART has undeniable advantages for its clients by relying on methods, processes, financial devices, innovative tools and a lot of information on the art market in order to offer it a high added value in terms of tax optimization and investment in art.

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